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Port 0: Port 0 is a 5-bit bidirectional port. Port 0.0CP0.2 are open drain. Port 0.0CP0.2 pins that have 1s written to them float, and in that state can be used as high-impedance inputs. P0.3CP0.4 are bidirectional I/O port pins with internal pull-ups. These pins are driven low if the port register bit is written with a 0. The state of the pin can always be read from the port register by the program. Port 0.3 and 0.4 have internal pull-ups that function identically to port 3. Pins that have 1s written to them are pulled high by the internal pull-ups and can be used as inputs.
Output voltages available for the MCP1700 range from 1.2V to 5.0V. The LDO output is stable when using only 1 µF output capacitance. Ceramic, tantalum or aluminum electrolytic capacitors can all be used for input and output. Overcurrent limit and overtemperature shutdown provide a robust solution for any application.
The 1.8NHJ/1.8NHJ are ultra-low supply current, low-dropout linear regulators intended for low-power applications that demand the longest possible battery life. Unlike inferior PNP-based designs, the 1.8NHJ/ 1.8NHJs PMOS pass elements maintain an ultra-low 2µA supply current throughout their entire operating range and in dropout. Despite their ultra-low power consumption, the 1.8NHJ/1.8NHJ have tight output accuracy (1.5%) and require just 1µF output capacitance to achieve good load-transient response. These regulators have a wide input voltage range (+2.5V to +12V), making them excellent choices for systems powered from two lithium-ion (Li+) cells and 9V batteries. Other features include reverse-battery protec- tion, short-circuit protection, and thermal protection. The 1.8NHJ provides an adjustable 1.5V to 5V output using an external resistor-divider. The 1.8NHJ pro- vides factory preset 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, or 5V output volt- ages (see the Ordering Information). Both devices are available in a tiny 5-pin SOT23 package.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
1.80E35   1.80E35 1.80E35 PDF Download The 1.80E35 is a single-to-differential track-an
1.81E11   1.81E11 1.81E11 PDF Download Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
1.82251E11   1.82251E11 1.82251E11 PDF Download Recovery time required when the device goes from
1.82E11   1.82E11 1.82E11 PDF Download Drain-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current,
1.83E11   1.83E11 1.83E11 PDF Download Two different interfaces are supported on the net
1.8432   1.8432 1.8432 PDF Download In this mode the bridge commutating frequency is
1.843200MHZ   1.843200MHZ 1.843200MHZ PDF Download The IRU3027 controller IC is specifically designe
1.8432M   1.8432M 1.8432M PDF Download KDS 5×7 SMD 4P We developed this new Type 1/1.8 5M-pixel CCD to
1.8432MHZ   1.8432MHZ 1.8432MHZ PDF Download 3. Martin, G.A., Viskochil, D., Bollag, G., McCa
1.8432MHZHC18   1.8432MHZHC18 1.8432MHZHC18 PDF Download address, and I/O pins that permit independent, as
1.8432MHZ-SCO57-503   1.8432MHZ-SCO57-503 1.8432MHZ-SCO57-503 PDF Download Genesis Microchip Inc. reserves the right to chan
1.847.1032   1.847.1032 1.847.1032 PDF Download Class 2 C General purpose ceramic capacitors are
1.84E12   1.84E12 1.84E12 PDF Download With 5V power supplies, the PS381/PS383/PS385 gua
1.85E14   1.85E14 1.85E14 PDF Download   Configuration of the CODEC interface is d
1.86E07   1.86E07 1.86E07 PDF Download When removing flux with chemicals after solderin
1.87E15   1.87E15 1.87E15 PDF Download n Mask optional for built-in RC oscillator with
1.8801.082   1.8801.082 1.8801.082 PDF Download The APW 7093 uses a unique current-mode, constan
1.89MHZ   1.89MHZ 1.89MHZ PDF Download Murata 07+ 1. Current consumption (during overcharging) 2.
1.8NHJ   1.8NHJ 1.8NHJ PDF Download N/A 0603L OSOP Series resistor networks feature a space sa
1.8W4K7J   1.8W4K7J 1.8W4K7J PDF Download   The internal flipCflops toggle and the ou
1.8W562R   1.8W562R 1.8W562R PDF Download   Analog Input CMRR   Leakage Current
1.8W73K2   1.8W73K2 1.8W73K2 PDF Download Notes: 1. Functional operation under any of the
1.8X0.4X4.5TR   1.8X0.4X4.5TR 1.8X0.4X4.5TR PDF Download When the Output Enable input (OE) is HIGH, the o
1(P)9193131169   1(P)9193131169 1(P)9193131169 PDF Download n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
1.0000MHZNTH030C   1.0000MHZNTH030C 1.0000MHZNTH030C PDF Download Capacitance measurements shall be made by means
1.000M   1.000M 1.000M PDF Download RF input pin. This pin is NOT internally DC bloc
1.000MHZ   1.000MHZ 1.000MHZ PDF Download KDS SMD 2005 ♦ 72dB ACLR at fOUT = 61.44MHz (Single-Carr
1.006-.321   1.006-.321 1.006-.321 PDF Download 1) The amplitude of the signal depends on the ob
1.008.279   1.008.279 1.008.279 PDF Download functional operation of the device at these or a
1.00A125VAC   1.00A125VAC 1.00A125VAC PDF Download † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed unde
1.00E11   1.00E11 1.00E11 PDF Download The STR73xF family is available in 3 packages. T
1.00E114   1.00E114 1.00E114 PDF Download Bidirectional Data I/O Lines. As inputs, they fe
1.00E12   1.00E12 1.00E12 PDF Download Most everything applies to driving the P-Channel
1.00MM8X1P180S   1.00MM8X1P180S 1.00MM8X1P180S PDF Download The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Assert
1.00MM9X1P180S   1.00MM9X1P180S 1.00MM9X1P180S PDF Download The SN74CB3T16212 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
1.01.749   1.01.749 1.01.749 PDF Download   1-of-8 bi-directional translating switches
1.01116E13   1.01116E13 1.01116E13 PDF Download   This device contains protection circuitry
1.019.431   1.019.431 1.019.431 PDF Download • SONET/SDH and ATM Compatible • Com
1.019.596   1.019.596 1.019.596 PDF Download   Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined as the inte
1.019.600   1.019.600 1.019.600 PDF Download Average Rectified Current   .375 " l
1.019.621   1.019.621 1.019.621 PDF Download AMI PLCC44 03/+04+ Licensed CMOS 765B Floppy Disk Controller Core
1.019.625   1.019.625 1.019.625 PDF Download The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for er
1.019.655   1.019.655 1.019.655 PDF Download
1.01E11   1.01E11 1.01E11 PDF Download The eight latches of the LVTH573 devices are tra
1.01E13   1.01E13 1.01E13 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The Device is a monolithic integrat
1.02.02   1.02.02 1.02.02 PDF Download The LTC®3733 family are PolyPhase® synchr
1.02262E12   1.02262E12 1.02262E12 PDF Download An incoming data burst (Figure 2, top) is retran
1.02E15   1.02E15 1.02E15 PDF Download JAT 3225 05+ DESCRIPTION The 74LCX05 is a low voltage CMOS O
1.03M   1.03M 1.03M PDF Download 08+ The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Assert
1.04.02   1.04.02 1.04.02 PDF Download INTEL 88+ Programmable High-Speed Synchronous Communicatio
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