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Electrical These devices use a modified 4 x 7 dot matrix light emitting diode to display decimal/hexa- decimal numeric information. The high efficiency red and yellow LEDs are GaAsP epitaxial layer on a GaP transparent substrate. The green LEDs are GaP epitaxial layer on a GaP transparent substrate. The LEDs are driven by constant current drivers, BCD information is accepted by the display memory when the enable line is at logic low and the data is latched when the enable is at logic high. Using the enable pulse width and data setup and hold times listed in the Recommended Operating Conditions allows data to be clocked into an array of displays at a 6.7 MHz rate.
  The SMB series is designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage, high energy transients. They have excellent clamping capability, high surge capability, low zener impedance and fast response time. The SMB series is supplied in ON Semiconductors exclusive, cost-effective, highly reliable Surmetic™ package and is ideally suited for use in communication systems, automotive, numerical controls, process controls, medical equipment, business machines, power supplies and many other industrial/consumer applications.
The 1.7977E308 provides 1.5% output voltage accuracy and consumes only 240µA of quiescent current. Ground- referenced current sensing allows 1.7977E308-based con- verters to accept input supplies beyond the 1.7977E308s absolute maximum VCC. A micropower hysteretic start-up feature allows efficient operation at high input voltages. For simplicity, the 1.7977E308 can also be powered from a high VIN through a resistor, due to its internal 9.4V shunt regulator. An internal undervoltage lockout shuts down the 1.7977E308 when the input voltage falls below 4.6V, guaranteeing at least 4.6V of gate drive to the external MOSFET.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
1.70E12   1.70E12 1.70E12 PDF Download   The EM785830AA is an 8-bit RISC type micr
1.71E11   1.71E11 1.71E11 PDF Download is the case then the N-Channel MOSFET is fully en
1.72E12   1.72E12 1.72E12 PDF Download
1.78258E11   1.78258E11 1.78258E11 PDF Download
1.78E14   1.78E14 1.78E14 PDF Download Note 5: For a power supply of 5V 10% the worst ca
1.7977E308   1.7977E308 1.7977E308 PDF Download S3 BGA 2001 Offset Voltage: 150µV Max Input Bias Curre
1.7MHZTX   1.7MHZTX 1.7MHZTX PDF Download In contrast to a conventional p-n junction, the
1(P)9193131169   1(P)9193131169 1(P)9193131169 PDF Download n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Mini
1.0000MHZNTH030C   1.0000MHZNTH030C 1.0000MHZNTH030C PDF Download Capacitance measurements shall be made by means
1.000M   1.000M 1.000M PDF Download RF input pin. This pin is NOT internally DC bloc
1.000MHZ   1.000MHZ 1.000MHZ PDF Download KDS SMD 2005 ♦ 72dB ACLR at fOUT = 61.44MHz (Single-Carr
1.006-.321   1.006-.321 1.006-.321 PDF Download 1) The amplitude of the signal depends on the ob
1.008.279   1.008.279 1.008.279 PDF Download functional operation of the device at these or a
1.00A125VAC   1.00A125VAC 1.00A125VAC PDF Download † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed unde
1.00E11   1.00E11 1.00E11 PDF Download The STR73xF family is available in 3 packages. T
1.00E114   1.00E114 1.00E114 PDF Download Bidirectional Data I/O Lines. As inputs, they fe
1.00E12   1.00E12 1.00E12 PDF Download Most everything applies to driving the P-Channel
1.00MM8X1P180S   1.00MM8X1P180S 1.00MM8X1P180S PDF Download The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Assert
1.00MM9X1P180S   1.00MM9X1P180S 1.00MM9X1P180S PDF Download The SN74CB3T16212 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
1.01.749   1.01.749 1.01.749 PDF Download   1-of-8 bi-directional translating switches
1.01116E13   1.01116E13 1.01116E13 PDF Download   This device contains protection circuitry
1.019.431   1.019.431 1.019.431 PDF Download • SONET/SDH and ATM Compatible • Com
1.019.596   1.019.596 1.019.596 PDF Download   Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined as the inte
1.019.600   1.019.600 1.019.600 PDF Download Average Rectified Current   .375 " l
1.019.621   1.019.621 1.019.621 PDF Download AMI PLCC44 03/+04+ Licensed CMOS 765B Floppy Disk Controller Core
1.019.625   1.019.625 1.019.625 PDF Download The recommended dose of ultraviolet light for er
1.019.655   1.019.655 1.019.655 PDF Download
1.01E11   1.01E11 1.01E11 PDF Download The eight latches of the LVTH573 devices are tra
1.01E13   1.01E13 1.01E13 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The Device is a monolithic integrat
1.02.02   1.02.02 1.02.02 PDF Download The LTC®3733 family are PolyPhase® synchr
1.02262E12   1.02262E12 1.02262E12 PDF Download An incoming data burst (Figure 2, top) is retran
1.02E15   1.02E15 1.02E15 PDF Download JAT 3225 05+ DESCRIPTION The 74LCX05 is a low voltage CMOS O
1.03M   1.03M 1.03M PDF Download 08+ The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Assert
1.04.02   1.04.02 1.04.02 PDF Download INTEL 88+ Programmable High-Speed Synchronous Communicatio
1.04032E12   1.04032E12 1.04032E12 PDF Download The MAX II JTAG and ISP controller internally ge
1.04073E11   1.04073E11 1.04073E11 PDF Download Fast, high-density Field-Programmable Gate Array
1.0485MHZ   1.0485MHZ 1.0485MHZ PDF Download The 5V, 12V, and 15V regulator options are avail
1.04889E11   1.04889E11 1.04889E11 PDF Download N1 (IOH) = total maximum output high current fo
1.05061E14   1.05061E14 1.05061E14 PDF Download Agilents ACMD-7401 duplexers provide high RF per
1.05E14   1.05E14 1.05E14 PDF Download The ADC121S101/101S101/081S101 uses the supply v
1.07E142   1.07E142 1.07E142 PDF Download   The RC4700 maintains fully precise floati
1.08457E14   1.08457E14 1.08457E14 PDF Download • C0G (NP0), X7R, Z5U and Y5V Dielectrics
1.08477E14   1.08477E14 1.08477E14 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Minimums are guaranteed but not produc
1.08E14   1.08E14 1.08E14 PDF Download Stop Condition All communications must be termi
1.09E14   1.09E14 1.09E14 PDF Download These features make the IS41C82002 and IS41LV820
1.0GAMAPLUS   1.0GAMAPLUS 1.0GAMAPLUS PDF Download TELEFONICA PQFP-240 01+ Drop-in replacement for IBM AT computer clock/ca
1.0HDMIR/AHEADERASS   1.0HDMIR/AHEADERASS 1.0HDMIR/AHEADERASS PDF Download via an RF or an infrared transmission medium upo
1.0UF/1200V   1.0UF/1200V 1.0UF/1200V PDF Download This new test method represents the state-of-the
1.0UF/35V   1.0UF/35V 1.0UF/35V PDF Download Fabricated on an advanced SRAM process Availabl
1.0UF/630V   1.0UF/630V 1.0UF/630V PDF Download   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
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