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The A64 device has a 10-bit-resolution sample-and-hold MibADC. The MibADC channels can be converted individually or can be grouped by software for sequential conversion sequences. There are three separate groupings, two of which are triggerable by an external event. Each sequence can be converted once when triggered or configured for continuous conversion mode. For more detailed functional information on the MibADC, see the TMS470R1x Multi-Buffered Analog-to-Digital Converter (MibADC) Reference Guide (literature number SPNU206).
In the typical back porch clamping application, a negative going back porch pulse from an external sync separator (such as the GS4881 or GS4882) is applied to the 0.68UH's STROBE input. While STROBE is low, the 0.68UH determines the correct DC level shift that should be applied to the input signal by integrating over the entire back porch period. This reduces sensitivity to noise and improves the accuracy of the DC restoration compared to systems using sample and hold techniques. Typical clamping accuracy of 1 mV is achieved by the 0.68UH.
Wiper Counter Register (WCR) The 0.68UH contains a Wiper Counter Register (see Table 1) for the XDCP potentiometer. The WCR is equivalent to a serial-in, parallel-out register/counter with its outputs decoded to select one of 1024 switches along its resistor array. The contents of the WCR can be altered in one of three ways: (1) it may be written directly by the host via the write Wiper Counter Register instruction (serial load); (2) it may be written indirectly by transferring the contents of one of four associated Data Registers via the XFR Data Register; (3) it is loaded with the contents of its data register zero (DR0) upon power-up.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
0.6-2.5PF   0.6-2.5PF 0.6-2.5PF PDF Download MFG 4X4-2.5P 05+ The direction of counting is set by the watchdog
0.68U/35V   0.68U/35V 0.68U/35V PDF Download
0.68UF250VAC   0.68UF250VAC 0.68UF250VAC PDF Download The Watchdog Timer circuit monitors the micropro
0.68UF63V   0.68UF63V 0.68UF63V PDF Download (Applied conditions greater than those listed und
0.68UH   0.68UH 0.68UH PDF Download 03+ Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning
0.6X0.5T   0.6X0.5T 0.6X0.5T PDF Download DESCRIPTION The STV5346 decoder is a computer-c
0.001UF/100V/10   0.001UF/100V/10 0.001UF/100V/10 PDF Download   Multiplexed Command, Address and Data Bus
0.0022UF100V(222K100)   0.0022UF100V(222K100) 0.0022UF100V(222K100) PDF Download The receiver would fail to acknowledge for two
0.0068   0.0068 0.0068 PDF Download The PIC12C67X devices have 128 bytes of RAM, 16
0.011063UPR2   0.011063UPR2 0.011063UPR2 PDF Download The recommended input capacitance is determined
0.015UF100VDC1206   0.015UF100VDC1206 0.015UF100VDC1206 PDF Download N/A 1206 Note 1: Gain error tested at VREF = +2.0V, +2.5V,
0.015UF50VDC1206   0.015UF50VDC1206 0.015UF50VDC1206 PDF Download N/A 1206 DESCRIPTION The 74V1T77 is an advanced high-spe
0.015UFK250V   0.015UFK250V 0.015UFK250V PDF Download The device also functions as an arithmetic proce
0.015UFK630V   0.015UFK630V 0.015UFK630V PDF Download
0.015UFK63V   0.015UFK63V 0.015UFK63V PDF Download The MT88L70 is a complete 3 Volt, DTMF receiver
0.0163-A   0.0163-A 0.0163-A PDF Download Complete implementation of Plug n Play standard
0.018UF63V   0.018UF63V 0.018UF63V PDF Download All electrical characteristics are subject to th
0.01F   0.01F 0.01F PDF Download n/a N/A
0.01UF/10/100V   0.01UF/10/100V 0.01UF/10/100V PDF Download switch and a second IMP8980D for communication w
0.01UF250VDC18125   0.01UF250VDC18125 0.01UF250VDC18125 PDF Download N/A 1812 - Micropower operation - 2.5V to 5.5V battery op
0.01UF630V   0.01UF630V 0.01UF630V PDF Download   Junction temperature-55 to +150C   S
0.01UH50V(I50D103X9050H2)   0.01UH50V(I50D103X9050H2) 0.01UH50V(I50D103X9050H2) PDF Download 4 channel UART 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
0.01Z   0.01Z 0.01Z PDF Download The TK2050 operates by generating a high frequenc
0.02263-L3   0.02263-L3 0.02263-L3 PDF Download The megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digital
0.022UF/50V/10   0.022UF/50V/10 0.022UF/50V/10 PDF Download A zero crossing output (ZX) produces an output t
0.022UF100V   0.022UF100V 0.022UF100V PDF Download • Combine Step-Up and Step-Down for  
0.022UF400VDCK   0.022UF400VDCK 0.022UF400VDCK PDF Download Over recommended operating free-air temperature
0.022UF401VDCK   0.022UF401VDCK 0.022UF401VDCK PDF Download Stresses above those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIM
0.022UF630VDC282410   0.022UF630VDC282410 0.022UF630VDC282410 PDF Download N/A 2824 • Multi-standard VBI data slicer decoding W
0.022UF630VDC28245   0.022UF630VDC28245 0.022UF630VDC28245 PDF Download N/A The 0.022UF630VDC28245 has two kinds of power su
0.022UFX2/250VAC   0.022UFX2/250VAC 0.022UFX2/250VAC PDF Download The XC7336 features a power-management scheme w
0.027-63-A-X4   0.027-63-A-X4 0.027-63-A-X4 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
0.027UF250VDC   0.027UF250VDC 0.027UF250VDC PDF Download 8. Guaranteed by Design. 9. This parameter is
0.027UF250VDC18125   0.027UF250VDC18125 0.027UF250VDC18125 PDF Download N/A Following the address and acknowledge bit with l
0.033/250V   0.033/250V 0.033/250V PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperature−5512
0.03363-JN   0.03363-JN 0.03363-JN PDF Download When the CAT24FC17 begins a READ mode, it trans-
0.033K250VAC   0.033K250VAC 0.033K250VAC PDF Download Resolution better than 1 milli-g Dual axis acce
0.033R   0.033R 0.033R PDF Download N/A 0805x8 The AT28C010-12DK is a high-performance Electric
0.033UF100VDC5.05   0.033UF100VDC5.05 0.033UF100VDC5.05 PDF Download Note 13: Differential gain and differential phase
0.033UF400V   0.033UF400V 0.033UF400V PDF Download In the test mode, the normal operation of the SC
0.033UF630VDC282455   0.033UF630VDC282455 0.033UF630VDC282455 PDF Download N/A The bi-polar long-term timer U6046B is designed
0.04763-L3   0.04763-L3 0.04763-L3 PDF Download Improved Accuracy at High Temperature Available
0.047F/5.5V   0.047F/5.5V 0.047F/5.5V PDF Download 2. Handling In order to avoid damage to beam l
0.047UF/50V   0.047UF/50V 0.047UF/50V PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
0.047UF100V   0.047UF100V 0.047UF100V PDF Download The Hyundai HYM71V63M801 X-Series are 8Mx64bits S
0.047UF50VDC12105   0.047UF50VDC12105 0.047UF50VDC12105 PDF Download N/A 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
0.05-1GHZ17DB/1W(CA5801S)   0.05-1GHZ17DB/1W(CA5801S) 0.05-1GHZ17DB/1W(CA5801S) PDF Download This SOC VGA CMOS image sensor features DigitalC
0.056UF100V1812   0.056UF100V1812 0.056UF100V1812 PDF Download N/A 1812 A block diagram illustrates the IC's internal st
0.068UF100VDC18125   0.068UF100VDC18125 0.068UF100VDC18125 PDF Download N/A 1812   Right Hand Decimal Point   1. Overf
0.1/63-M7   0.1/63-M7 0.1/63-M7 PDF Download This document is a general product description an
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