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(1) VOS is defined as the average of the positive and the negative switching thresholds. (2) The difference between IB+ and IB−. (3) Propagation delay cannot be accurately measured with low overdrive on automatic test equipment. This parameter is ensured by   characterization and testing at 100mV overdrive. (4) The difference between the propagation delay going high and the propagation delay going low. (5) Measured between 10% of VS and 90% of VS. (6) When the shutdown pin is within 0.9V of the most positive supply, the part is disabled. When it is more than 1.7V below the most positive supply,   the part is enabled.
/RCS0 -->/CS0 : SDRAMs D0-D17 RBA0-RBA1--> : BA0-BA1:SDRAMs D0-D17 RA0 -R A11 -->A0 - A11 : SDRAMs D0 - D17 /RRAS --> /RAS : SDRAMs D0 - D17 /RCAS --> /CAS : SDRAMs D0 - D17 RCKE0 --> CKE : SDRAMs D0 - D17 /RWE --> /WE : SDRAMs D0 - D17
The 0.5W9.1V contains four high-power output drivers as well as three fully differential output drivers. The high-power output drivers are capable of driving a variety of load configurations, including up to four channels of single-ended 16- headphones using ac-coupling capacitors, or stereo 16- headphones in a cap-less output configuration. In addition, pairs of drivers can be used to drive 8- speakers in a BTL configuration at 325mW per channel.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
0.54125VAC   0.54125VAC 0.54125VAC PDF Download Both the twisted pair A (TPA) and the twisted pa
0.5A100V   0.5A100V 0.5A100V PDF Download  TOSHIBA is continually working to improve
0.5A250V   0.5A250V 0.5A250V PDF Download s Sector Protection   A hardware method to
0.5MM3.0H20P   0.5MM3.0H20P 0.5MM3.0H20P PDF Download Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to
0.5MM3.0H34P   0.5MM3.0H34P 0.5MM3.0H34P PDF Download In an NTSC composite video signal, horizontal syn
0.5MM5.0H34P   0.5MM5.0H34P 0.5MM5.0H34P PDF Download The 3D7205 5-Tap Delay Line product family consis
0.5MM6.0H34P   0.5MM6.0H34P 0.5MM6.0H34P PDF Download Active High Master Reset. When logic HIGH, the i
0.5PFE0   0.5PFE0 0.5PFE0 PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
0.5R200W1   0.5R200W1 0.5R200W1 PDF Download This user manual describes the features of the Z
0.5UF/1600W   0.5UF/1600W 0.5UF/1600W PDF Download A third 3-input function generator (H-LUT) can i
0.5UF/250W   0.5UF/250W 0.5UF/250W PDF Download Notes: 1. VC1, VC2, VC3, VM1, VM2, VM3 = 3.3 Vo
0.5W10V   0.5W10V 0.5W10V PDF Download The outstanding Vitesse web managed switch softw
0.5W110V   0.5W110V 0.5W110V PDF Download Purchase of licensed I2C components of Analog Dev
0.5W11V   0.5W11V 0.5W11V PDF Download VI TELEFILTERVectron International, Inc. Potsda
0.5W120V   0.5W120V 0.5W120V PDF Download also be used independent of the HALT or IDLE mod
0.5W12V   0.5W12V 0.5W12V PDF Download Single Read Accesses A read access is initiated
0.5W13V   0.5W13V 0.5W13V PDF Download Master Serial Mode provides a simple configurati
0.5W15V   0.5W15V 0.5W15V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ 2.5 VDD 6 differential outputs Low skew: 100ps
0.5W18V   0.5W18V 0.5W18V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ A 5% resistor value is recommended. In the OOK mo
0.5W19V   0.5W19V 0.5W19V PDF Download
0.5W2.1V   0.5W2.1V 0.5W2.1V PDF Download Notes: 1. Typical continuous power in a non-vent
0.5W2.2V   0.5W2.2V 0.5W2.2V PDF Download 1.5 LAN feature set 1 Ethernet 10/100 MII (HPN
0.5W2.4V   0.5W2.4V 0.5W2.4V PDF Download 1. Stresses above those listed under the Absolut
0.5W2.7V   0.5W2.7V 0.5W2.7V PDF Download With 1mA load With 1mA load With 20pF maximum
0.5W200K   0.5W200K 0.5W200K PDF Download 05+ NOTES: 4. Unused inputs must be held high or low
0.5W20V   0.5W20V 0.5W20V PDF Download Resistors R1 and R2 set the nominal Under-Voltag
0.5W24V   0.5W24V 0.5W24V PDF Download 24421-009-DTS Rev ADQ# 2009 All technical info
0.5W27V   0.5W27V 0.5W27V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions,
0.5W27V-PHI   0.5W27V-PHI 0.5W27V-PHI PDF Download HIT DO-35 05+
0.5W2V   0.5W2V 0.5W2V PDF Download s Pin compatible with SC16C654IA68 and SC16C554I
0.5W3.0V.   0.5W3.0V. 0.5W3.0V. PDF Download Fairchild's RUF series of Insulated Gate Bipolar
0.5W3.1V   0.5W3.1V 0.5W3.1V PDF Download 660 mW (Military) Synchronous and asynchronous o
0.5W3.3V   0.5W3.3V 0.5W3.3V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
0.5W3.3V-PHI   0.5W3.3V-PHI 0.5W3.3V-PHI PDF Download HIT DO-35 05+ NOTES: (1) With a balanced differential signal,
0.5W3.6V   0.5W3.6V 0.5W3.6V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ When using R2 location for a dc current-shunt, pl
0.5W3.9V   0.5W3.9V 0.5W3.9V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ Figure 12 shows a dual-trace photograph of a tri
0.5W30V   0.5W30V 0.5W30V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ High FSK Sensitivity: -106 dBm at 20 kBaud/-109.5
0.5W33V   0.5W33V 0.5W33V PDF Download Hynix HYMP512S64MP8 series is designed for high s
0.5W36V   0.5W36V 0.5W36V PDF Download In applications where these voltage ratings coul
0.5W39V.   0.5W39V. 0.5W39V. PDF Download VREF: The module senses the voltage at this inpu
0.5W3V   0.5W3V 0.5W3V PDF Download 3-State Outputs Drive Bus Lines or Buffer Memory
0.5W4.3V   0.5W4.3V 0.5W4.3V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ Reduced parts count and high efficiency add to t
0.5W4.7V   0.5W4.7V 0.5W4.7V PDF Download All digital clocks generate unwanted energy in t
0.5W5.1V   0.5W5.1V 0.5W5.1V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ The Am29BDS643 is a 64 Mbit, 1.8 Volt-only, simu
0.5W5.6V   0.5W5.6V 0.5W5.6V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ Note 8: CIN, COUT, C1, and C2: Low-ESR Surface-M
0.5W6.2V   0.5W6.2V 0.5W6.2V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ Data transfer may be initiated only when the bus
0.5W6.8V   0.5W6.8V 0.5W6.8V PDF Download The VRE3041 is a low cost, high precision 4.096V
0.5W62V   0.5W62V 0.5W62V PDF Download -1600.00 -1558.30 -1600.00 -1600.00 -1600.00
0.5W7.5V   0.5W7.5V 0.5W7.5V PDF Download Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor cannot assume respons
0.5W8.2V   0.5W8.2V 0.5W8.2V PDF Download COS DO-35 05+ • Well Defined Spatial   Radiation Pa
0.5W80HM40MM   0.5W80HM40MM 0.5W80HM40MM PDF Download Enhanced Word Spotting capability (10 SI or 4 SD
0.5W82K   0.5W82K 0.5W82K PDF Download 05+ The ADSP-21365/6s, SRAM can be configured as a m
0.5W9.1V   0.5W9.1V 0.5W9.1V PDF Download These products are not designed for use in life s
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