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HR300 DC/DC converters use thick-film hybrid manufacturing tech- niques for smaller size, lighter weight and higher reliability than converters produced with other circuit techniques. With a footprint of less than 3.7 square inches and a 0.5 inch height, the HR300 converters reach power densities up to 22 watts per cubic inch.
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All HLMPBL15Cmicro™ microcontrollers employ an advanced RISC architecture. The HLMPBL15CHLMPBL15 have enhanced core features, eight-level deep stack, and multiple inter- nal and external interrupt sources. The separate instruction and data buses of the Harvard architecture allow a 14-bit wide instruction word with the separate 8-bit wide data. The two-stage instruction pipeline allows all instructions to execute in a single-cycle, except for program branches (which require two cycles). A total of 35 instructions (reduced instruction set) are available. Additionally, a large register set gives some of the architectural innovations used to achieve a very high performance.


The ispLSI 5000VE encompasses the innovative fea- tures of the ispLSI 5000VA family with several enhancements. The macrocell is optimized and the T- type flip flop option is removed. To improve the efficiency of design fits, the Product Term Reset Logic is simplified and the polarity option as well as the Global Preset function are removed. The programmable output-delay feature (skew option) is also removed. As a result, the ispLSI 5000VE is not JEDEC compatible with the ispLSI 5000VA. ispLSI 5000VA and 5000VE pinouts may differ in the same package, however all programming and power/ground pins are located in the same locations.

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HLMPBL15 Suppliers

Part Number Mfg Pack D/C Qty Description Inquiry
HLM2901N Original 3445
HLM358P DIP8 4900 original,in stock"
HLM358P DIP8 4800
HLM6321 110 LCD, Original and New
HLM6323 95 new in stock
HLM6323-040300 液晶 液晶 Original
HLM8619 HLM6323 HLM6667
HLMA-DL05 07+ 07+ . 9000
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