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Mfg: NEC


The information contained herein is presented only as a guide for the applications of our products. No   responsibility is assumed by TOSHIBA CORPORATION for any infringements of intellectual property or other   rights of the third parties which may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any   intellectual property or other rights of TOSHIBA CORPORATION or others.
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Like most micropower circuits the LM34 has a limited ability to drive heavy capacitive loads The LM34 by itself is able to drive 50 pF without special precautions If heavier loads are anticipated it is easy to isolate or decouple the load with a resistor see Figure 3 Or you can improve the tolerance of capacitance with a series R-C damper from output to ground see Figure 4 When the LM34 is applied with a 499X load resistor (as shown) it is relatively immune to wiring capacitance because the capacitance forms a bypass from ground to input not on the output However as with any linear circuit connected to wires in a hostile environ- ment its performance can be affected adversely by intense electromagnetic sources such as relays radio transmitters motors with arcing brushes SCRs transients etc as its wiring can act as a receiving antenna and its internal junc- tions can act as rectifiers For best results in such cases a bypass capacitor from VIN to ground and a series R-C damper such as 75X in series with 0 2 or 1 mF from output to ground are often useful These are shown in the following circuits


contains an Erase Suspend feature. This feature will put the Erase on hold for any amount of time and let the user read data from or program data to any of the remaining sectors within the same memory plane. There is no reason to suspend the erase operation if the data to be read is in the other memory plane. The end of a program or an Erase cycle is detected by the Ready/Busy pin, Data polling, or by the toggle bit. A V PP pin is provided to improve program/erase times at lower supply voltages. This pin does not need to be uti- lized. If it is not used the pin should be connected to ground or VCC. To take advantage of faster programming, the pin should supply 5.0 volts during program and erase opera- tions.

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C072 og stock og stock DIP 13500
C072 5.2 1399
C0701F16-ELUX MOT MOT 38503 04+ MAIL TO TALK
C0701F16-ELUX 07+ 07+ QFP-M44P 33708
C0701F16-ELUX 2005+ 2005+ FREESCAL.. 130
C0701F16-ELUX 05+ 05+ QFP 670
C0701F16-ELUX 05+ 05+ QFP 670
C07-03 2007+ 2007+ DIP40 9985 E-mail to me.
C07-04 2007+ 2007+ DIP40 9985 E-mail to me.
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