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Mfg: AD
Pack: new


 TAOperating free-air temperature−55125−4085C NOTE 4: All unused control inputs of the device must be held at VCC or GND to ensure proper device operation. Refer to the TI application report,   Implications of Slow or Floating CMOS Inputs, literature number SCBA004.
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The PWRDWN# pin is used to shut off all clocks cleanly and instruct the device to evoke power savings mode. Additionally, PWRDWN# should be asserted prior to shutting off the input clock or power to ensure all clocks shut down in a glitch-free manner. PWRDWN# is an asynchronous active low input. This signal is synchronized internal to the device prior to powering down the clock buffer. PWRDWN# is an asynchronous input for powering up the system. When PWRDWN# is asserted low, all clocks will be held high or three-stated (depending on the state of the control register drive mode and OE bits) prior to turning off the VCO. All clocks will start and stop without any abnormal behavior and must meet all AC and DC parameters. This means no glitches, frequency shifting or amplitude abnor- malities among others.


The AD7507TQCAD7507TQ fits in applications ranging from per- sonal care appliances and security systems to low- power remote transmitters/receivers. The EPROM technology makes customizing application programs (transmitter codes, appliance settings, receiver fre- quencies, etc.) extremely fast and convenient. The small footprint packages, for through hole or surface mounting, make this microcontroller perfect for applica- tions with space limitations. Low-cost, low-power, high performance, ease of use and I/O flexibility make the AD7507TQCAD7507TQ very versatile even in areas where no microcontroller use has been considered before (e.g., timer functions, replacement of glue logic and PLDs in larger systems, coprocessor applications).

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AD70 04+ 04+ 103 Nornal Stock
AD700 15 15 DIP 0 -
AD70001 Original 1200
AD7001AS 05+ 05+ QFP 600
AD7001AS SMD 15
AD7001AS 07+/08+ 07+/08+ SMD 10,000 Our New Arrivals,please contact chongxonexports@hotmail.com for quotations
AD7001AS 05+ 05+ QFP 2500
AD7001AS 94 94 288
AD7001AS 04+ 04+ AD 2310
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